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Frequently Asked Questions

Account Management

Is my personal information safe?

We care about your privacy. You can read our Privacy Policy here. The Privacy Policy is a part of our Terms of Service.

How do I change/reset my password?

Here’s how you can change your password:

  • Click here, click on settings

  • enter your old password and new password  your password.

  • Click and save change. 


If you don’t remember your password, click here to reset it.  Enter the email used to log into your account. A password reset email will be sent to that address if the email matches the account.

How do I close my account?

We hate to see you go, but if you insist, then you can close your account by sending email to support here.

What is Online Status?

The Online Status is indicated by online kewords next to the username, which let's you know that the user is currently logged in to Aworkforceworld's website or mobile application. 


The online user status is visible on various pages, such as the Profile, Conversations, and Gig pages. On the Category, Subcategory, and advanced search pages, you can filter the marketplace results according to users who are online.



Does Aworkforceworld contact its users?

From time to time, we reach out to the Aworkforceworld communityPolicy & Safety

Never give out your password. Now and again we may ask for a few things from you, but:

  • We will never ask you by email, messages, or comments to provide us with your password or sign-in credentials.

  • We will never ask you to email us your password.

  • We will never prompt you to log into a site outside of the domain, nor to download and install an application.

  • Please never download or run such applications or email attachments, as they are definitely not coming from us.


Payments and Withdrawals

How long does it take for me to receive revenues from an order?

Buyers pay Aworkforceworld for orders in advance. Once the order is created and started, sellers must fulfill their orders as described in their Gig description and must deliver completed files and/or proof of work using the Deliver Your Order button (located on the Order page).

Once work is delivered, the buyer has three days to respond and post a review (or 14 days for gigs with shipping). If no response is provided within the response time, the order will be considered completed. After the order is marked as complete, you have to wait 14 days to withdraw your funds.


Note: The waiting period for Top Rated Sellers is seven days.


Can I purchase Gigs with my revenue?


You can purchase Gigs with your cleared revenue if you have enough needed to complete the full purchase. Keep in mind, in cases where the Gig costs more than your cleared revenue, you can not split the purchase between your revenue and one of Aworkforceworld’s payment providers (e.g. PayPal). However, you can purchase a $5 Gig with your revenue, and if needed, add Gig Extras before the order becomes active with one of Aworkforceworld’s payment providers.


Are there any fees when withdrawing revenue?


There are no fees for withdrawing through PayPal.


Can I cancel my withdrawal?


Withdrawals are final and cannot be undone. We will not be able to refund or change this process once it has begun.


Does Aworkforceworld charge fees when withdrawing revenue to PayPal?


It’s not enough to just say we care about our Aworkforceworld sellers. So we did something to prove it. We revised our agreement with PayPal and from now on you will enjoy 0% withdrawal fee on your PayPal withdrawals.


How do I claim unclaimed withdrawals?

If your withdrawal is marked as unclaimed on your PayPal account, then you must verify the email address you sent the withdrawal to with PayPal. Once a withdrawal is initiated, it will not be reversed as stated in our Terms of Service.


Do I have to pay taxes on income earned on Aworkforceworld?


It is the sole responsibility for sellers to verify their personal tax obligation, report, and pay taxes according to the laws of the state and/or country of residence, as applicable and required by local law and regulations.

Handling Orders

How can I contact a buyer?

Sellers cannot contact new buyers. The only way to communicate with a buyer is if an order is initiated, a "Conversation" thread is created and you will be able to communicate with the buyer. You may also contact the buyer if the buyer contacts you first.

Note: If you previously completed an order for a buyer, you can access My Contacts to contact buyers. My Contacts enables you to keep in touch with Aworkforceworld users you have interacted with in the past. Your contact lists display key interactions between you and your contact; the number of completed orders, the amount spent, when the last order was made, and a link to your Inbox conversation.


What if my file upload or delivery upload fails?


Uploading files can sometimes fail for various reasons. Sometimes a Gig photo simply doesn't want to upload. Make sure you check the following before asking for further assistance: 


  • Make sure your Flash is up to date on your computer. Flash normally updates automatically for most modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox) but may still have limitations in older versions of modern browsers (Internet Explorer). 

  • Disable pop up blockers for or allow uploads/downloads through your Firewall/Anti-Virus protector from

  • Make sure your image is a JPEG or PNG.

  • Clear your cookies for - sometimes cookies can hold on to a "session" where your browser thinks it's still loading an image file. Refreshing your page helps clear the session, but in most cases, clearing your cookies helps.


Can I partially cancel/refund an order?


Orders can not be partially cancelled or refunded at this time. Once an order is created and there is a need to partially cancel/refund your buyer, we recommend that you ask your buyer to place a new order. Once that new order is created and then marked as complete, you can cancel the original order.